Prizes, Winners and Rules

Meet the winner of the Dream Vacation

Melissa DeRisi-Spilka from DES!  Congratulations!

Official Rules

2023 Weekly Prizes


  • Prizes are awarded each of the first 5 weeks of the campaign
  • Eligible employees must donate $52 (just $2 per pay period) or more and submit their pledge either online or through the paper pledge form to the SECC office by close of business on Friday of each week. 
  • Once $52 or more is donated, an employee's name will remain in the drawing each week

Week One- $400 QuikTrip or Shell Gift Card  WINNER Gladys de Los Santos, AHCCCS

Week Two- $400 Southwest Airlines Gift Card  WINNER Emelia Tristan, DES

Week Three- Choice of a Yeti Cooler or GoPro Camera  WINNER Rebecca Perrera, JLBC

Week Four- $400 Restaurant Gift Card Package  WINNER Jeffrey Axtell, AHCCCS, Flagstaff

Week Five- $400 Amazon Gift Card  WINNER Nicholas Goettl, Water Resources

The winners will be drawn by an audited selection process via a random number generator. The winners must be a State of Arizona employee or retiree at the time of the drawing.

All prizes are provided by OneAZ Credit Union, SECC's Platinum Sponsor.


Super-Leadership Giver

The Secc Leadership and Super Giver

SECC Leadership Givers are among the most dedicated individuals who invest graciously to help others. Leadership Givers are recognized as community leaders who set the example for friends, peers and other associates to follow. SECC Leadership Givers donate at least $1,000 per campaign year.

For various reasons, not all State employees can give at the Leadership Giver level. Alternatively, state employees can become an SECC Super Giver. Super givers donate one hour of pay or more per pay period. The level of giving commitment and generosity is the same whether an employee makes $15 an hour or $25 dollars per hour. We encourage as many as possible to consider making an investment as a Super Giver.