Charity Success Stories

Charity: Children of the Night

Dees dad drove across two states desperately looking for help for his daughter. Just after midnight on a Sunday he called our hotline and we accepted Dee in our home

Charity: Africare

A man lies on a blanket in his darkened hut. His head rests on an emaciated arm. You see in his face, inert body and narrow limbs that he is dying, but he is not alone. Two men

Charity: 100 Club

Phoenix Police Officer Thomas Rabjohn served on the Phoenix Police department for seven years until he was called to active duty by the Army National Guard and deployed to

Charity: The Haven

It was a ten-year process for me to get to The Haven on June 5, 1998. I had been discharged from two inpatient treatment programs and spent a year in outpatient treatment. I’d be

Charity: International Hearing Dog Inc.

Alyce in Colorado wrote to International Hearing Dog, Inc. that, “Taylor has become my second best friend and goes everywhere with me. At home, I don’t

Charity: Giving Children Hope

Giving Children Hope worked with Mobile Medical Disaster Relief and Mission Lazarus to establish a medical clinic in Cedeno, Choluteca, in Honduras. It is one of the

Charity: The Arizona Pet Project

Niko, a cat with nine lives who always seemed to beat the odds, suddenly stops eating.

Pirata, a dog who never leaves his little girl’s side can hardly lift his

Charity: Arizona Humane Society

Every year, there are a handful of rescues that capture the heart of our community. Raine’s story is one of them.
This adorable puppy spent his first few months

Charity: Foundation for Senior Living

Katie and Bob have been together for 71 years. Both are approaching their 90th birthday. As proudly and fiercely independent as they try to be, they cannot


Charity: Northern Arizona Veterans' Resource Center

MJ is a 45-year-old Army Veteran. Since he left the Army he has worked as a flooring installer supporting his young daughter. Three months ago MJ