Foundation for Senior Living

When Bobbi L. first moved to Wickenburg, she only asked for rides to Safeway once a week. After she suffered a stroke, Freedom Express transported her to physical therapy. During one of her trips, Bobbi asked for a referral to a reputable, local, low-cost counselor. Bobbi shared that she was depressed about her stroke and her husband who, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, was in a care center in Kingman. The Foundation for Senior Living staff connected to a counselor at a local church. 

When Bobbi was admitted to the hospital a few months ago, she admitted she hadn’t been eating much because, in her depressed state, she didn’t feel like cooking.  FSL staff signed Bobbi up for home-delivered meals so she would receive nutritious meals. She began to feel better and is now coming for exercise classes twice a week at the senior center class where she’s making friends. Her new friends are supporting as she grieves the death of her husband who passed in April 2019. Freedom Express transports Bobbi to the Grief Support Group at the senior center.

The programs for seniors are not simply a meal or a ride. The volunteers provide a friendly and caring ear as well as referrals to much-needed services that seniors don’t even know exist.

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